The Autobiography of Jack the Ripper


James Carnac; Sourcebooks; 2013

A powerful book detailing James Carnac’s life and his time as ‘Jack the Ripper’.

Taken from a diary found sealed within an envelope and in the belongings from his personal estate, one is left to wonder if this truly is the diary of the infamous Jack The Ripper!

Written in first person tense, the reader is led through Carnac’s life and the traumatic event which triggered him to kill and forever doomed Carnac to life as ‘The Ripper”. 

Though parts of the diary have apparently been removed as too graphic, there are still many moments in the book which leave one utterly chilled.

Also included as part of the diary is an explanation for the mysterious why of Jack the Ripper’s abrupt stop to his brutal killings.

Is this really the “Autobiography of Jack the Ripper”? Or another man’s novel attempt to explain him?  You decide…

dbettenson. I received this book for free to review.  I can be found on Net Galley, Goodreads, Librarything and of course WordPress!


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